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Our company MED CONTROL SERVICES O.E. is accredited by ESYD – National Accreditation System of Greece- per ISO 17025 to perform vertical and horizontal tanks calibration as well as tank trucks ‘calibration with the following ISO Standards :

  • For Vertical Cylindrical Tanks :
  • ISO 7507-1 Strapping Method with ISO 17025 Calibrated Tapes
  • ISO 7507-3 External Triangulation Method with ISO 17025 calibrated Total Station
  • ISO 7507-4 Internal EODR Optical Method with ISO 17025 calibrated Total Station
  • For Horizontal Above Ground Cylindrical Tanks
  • ISO 12917-1 External Strapping with ISO 17025 Calibrated Tapes
  • For underground or above ground tanks or tank trucks
  • ISO 4269 Liquid Calibration with ISO 17025 Calibrated Master Meter (Liquids used are either liquid fuels or water)
Our experience spans from 1993 to date and till now we have calibrated numerous crude oil and petroleum products, chemicals, vegetable and animal oils, wine, alcohol, beer, water storage tanks in Greece, Cyprus, the rest of Europe, Middle East, CIS. All our instruments and equipment are calibrated to ISO 17025 standards and the strapping tables include the uncertainty calculation per OIML R 71 directive as under :
  • For Vertical Cylindrical Tanks, Maximum permissible uncertainty 0,2 % of tank volume
  • For Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks, Maximum permissible uncertainty 0,3 % of tank volume
  • For any shape of tanks, Maximum permissible uncertainty 0,5 % of tank volume

ISO 17025 Ογκομετρήσεις δεξαμενών κάθετων ή οριζόντιων

  • Ογκομέτρηση δεξαμενών με γεωμετρικές μεθόδους
  • Ογκομέτρηση δεξαμενών σε λειτουργία
  • Εσωτερική ογκομέτρηση δεξαμενών
  • Εξωτερική ογκομέτρηση δεξαμενών
  • Ογκομέτρηση δεξαμενών με μετρητή νερού η καυσίμου
  • Ογκομέτρηση βυτιοφόρων αυτοκινήτων
  • ISO 7507-1 Ογκομέτρηση Δεξαμενών
  • ISO 7507-3 Ογκομέτρηση Δεξαμενών
  • ISO 7507-4 Ογκομέτρηση Δεξαμενών
  • ISO 12917-1 Ογκομέτρηση Δεξαμενών
  • ISO 4269 Ογκομέτρηση Δεξαμενών
  • Tank Calibration Vertical and Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks
  • Storage tank calibration
  • Tank Truck Calibration
  • ISO 7507-1 Tank Calibration
  • ISO 7507-3 Tank Calibration
  • ISO 7507-4 Tank Calibration
  • SO 12917-1 Tank Calibration
  • ISO 4269 Tank Calibration