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3 February 2014

MED CONTROL, has been accredited by FOSFA (The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations) as a member Superintendent.

29 October 2013

MED CONTROL, has been accredited by GAFTA (The Grain and Feed Trade Association) as a member Superintendent and Surveyor.

18 September 2013

MED CONTROL, has developed and implements a Quality Management System which has been accredited with the EN ISO 9001:2008 as “Dry and Liquid Cargo Superintendents and Samplers”

6 April 2009

MED CONTROL, through their in house Flight Examiner, evaluated and examined 30 Helicopter Pilots and 50 Airplane Pilots for either initial issue, revalidation or renewal of their Private, Commercial or Airtransport Pilot Licenses.

2 April 2009

MED CONTROL was appointed by Cyclon Hellas for calibrating 15 shore tanks at their installations at Perama and Aspropyrgos, Greece.

17 December 2008

MED CONTROL was appointed by MOTOR OIL HELLAS for calibrating 12 shore tanks at the refinery of Ag. Theodori, Greece.

6 September 2008

MED CONTROL signed the relevant inspection contract with BP Oil International and was listed by BPOI as an approved surveyor for crude oil and petroleum products inspections in Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Black Sea Countries, Albania and Europe.

20 July 2008

MED CONTROL provided technical consultation for cleaning the tanks of 4 tanker vessels (40,000 MT DWT each) which were hired by the Cypriot Government to carry ca 6,000,000 MT of drinking water to Cyprus.

Our company attended the cleaning of the tankers’ tanks, pumps and pipelines and issued the relevant cleanliness and suitability certificates.

15 June 2008

Mr Beshara Deeb, Manager of  MED CONTROL Lebanon, signed the relevant inspection contract with the Ministry of Mineral Resources of Lebanon.

MED CONTROL is now carrying discharge inspections of petroleum products and LPG cargoes on account of the Lebanese Ministry of Mineral Resources.

12 January 2008

MED CONTROL was appointed by the Cypriot Ministry of Agriculture, Forest Department, as independent inspectors, to perform a full pre-purchase survey of two Russian fire fighting helicopters.

The tasks assigned to MED CONTROL were :



  1. Full inspection of the technical characteristics of the helicopters according to the purchase contracts’ specifications and helicopters’ operational manual.
  2. Verification of their performance in flight and in fire fighting missions
  3. Verification of their autopilot capability
Our Engineers, performed the above mentioned inspections at the premises of manufacturers in Russia (December 2007) and delivered their report and expert opinion to the Forest Department of the Cypriot Ministry of Agriculture (January 2008).